Parental Responsibility

Parental Responsibility


It is often said that Discovery runs on "Parent Power."  Inside the classroom we help to guide and educate our children.  Outside, we educate ourselves to be prepared for the many changes that our children will undergo in these formative years.

As a cooperative preschool, parents are required  to participate and to be involved in the school:

  • Parents work alongside an accredited teacher in the classroom 2-4 times per month, depending on the class your child is enrolled in.

  • Parents will take turns as "snack parent" and will provide the ingredients for children to make a nutritious snack.

  • Parents share tasks to help maintain the playground and indoor facility.

  • Each family is assigned a specific committee job to help keep the school running smoothly.

  • Required monthly parent education meetings provide an opportunity to meet with other parents, listen to guest speakers, meet with your child's teacher as a class, and conduct school business.

  • Participation in the eScrip program. (no cost to parent.)


At Discovery, you will learn and develop your parenting skills, network with other parents, receive guidance from teachers and develop a better understanding of your child as well as other children. Your child will delight in your presence at his or her school, and you will be rewarded by having the opportunity to experience and contribute to your child's early education.