Our Classes

Our Classes

Discovering Twos

Discovering Twos is a class where a parent and child participate together in the Discovery classrooms and playground. Together the children and parents explore through free play, interact through smiles and tears, and develop friendships with others. Sally Starz heads this class with parents taking turns providing snacks and cleaning up.  To enroll, please visit our application page by clicking here.

TTH, MWF and MTTH Classes

The TTH, MWF and MTTH classes are similar in structure and provide a natural progression for your child at Discovery. Each class's focus changes as the children familiarize themselves with a new environment, start to develop social skills, learn to recognize letters and words, and experience preschool with their peers.


Upon arrival at school, your child will be greeted by the Teacher. She will informally assess the child's disposition that day in order to provide the wisest supervision.

The children may choose to play in a number of play areas:

MUSIC ROOM: The children's cubbies are located in the Music Room along with the housekeeping corner, dress-up area, musical instruments, pet corner, and small toys.

BLOCK ROOM: The Block Room contains the blocks, puzzles, puppet area, and other manipulative toys. The children may also participate in the general science activity which is demonstrated in this room.

ART ROOM: The Art Room accommodates the children in their supervised art project and in preparing their own nutritional snack. A reading corner and creative art table are also located in the Art Room.

PLAYGROUND: The playground offers the children a number of activities including sand play, painting, carpentry, riding toys, climbing structures, and running room.

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Snack time comes about halfway through the class session. Snack time offers a more structured period compared to the earlier free choice play time. At this time the children sit in a small group, with a working parent, at an assigned table. The parent serves the snack, encourages conversation, and leads the group in a snack activity. The snack activity may include: playing a short game, reading a book, and/or singing songs. After snack time, there is supervised outdoor play.

Finally, at the end of the class session, there is Round-up time with the Teacher. During Round-up, the children participate in stories, songs, and fingerplays for fun learning experiences.

Our preschool schedules are designed to provide enough routine so that the children feel comfortable knowing what is going to happen next. The program is varied occasionally by field trips and by the special learning opportunities that the seasons and holidays provide. In addition, our music and creative movement resource teacher is incorporated into each class schedule.

Friday Friends

Friday Friends is an additional class open to students who are enrolled in MTTH and are eligible for kindergarten the following school year. Students are divided into four to five groups with each group rotating through various activities including art, games, motor skills and drama. Class includes a snack, outside time and two group meetings or Round-ups. Sally teaches this class with five to six parents assisting. Check the "Friday Friends" box on your MTTH application to enroll in this class. 

To enroll in Friday Friends, child must be of age to enter kindergarten the following school year and concurrently enrolled MTTH.

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