Discovery-Parent Child Preschool has a long history, teaching children and parents alike.  Discovery opened its doors in September 1963, as Cambrian Park Methodist Cooperative Nursery School.   Back in the 60’s the philosophy of the school was to provide a developmentally appropriate environment for children, enriched in play experience and guidance in social development.  This is the same philosophy of today.  The needs of children have not changed.  As a parent co-op, our preschool was also dedicated to offering parents opportunities to grow in their understanding of children and in the methods of guiding them.  Today, we are still committed to educating the parent; so in that, parents learn and grow right along side their children.

In 1971, Arlene Edminster joined the school as its Director and Teacher.   After 40 years, she continues to teach and lead Discovery today.  In fact, many of our parents at Discovery were once children in Arlene’s class.

In the early 1980’s our school changed its name to Discovery Parent-Child Preschool. 

In the 1990’s, Discovery welcomed Sally Starz, or “Teacher Sally” as she is known by the children.  Sally is a strong presence at Discovery bringing many years of parent participation preschool experience to the classroom. 

In 2003, Discovery Parent-Child Preschool rebuilt its beloved playground with the help of over 700 volunteer families and community members.  The result is an extraordinary play yard boasting a castle, a fire engine, tunnel slides, a water feature, two sand pits, and so much more!  It is amazing! And our children agree: “Discovery has the best playground” in the area! 

In  2011, Erica Shirley Chubbic joins Discovery Parent-Child Preschool as the new teacher of the MTTH class.

As we just celebrated our 50th anniversary, we are pleased to say that Discovery is still going strong in serving our children, their families, and our community. We invite you to visit Discovery, and see for yourself!