Discovery's curriculum is based on a developmental approach to learning. Between the ages of two and five, a child acquires many basic social skills and attitudes; each child is unique and will develop at his or her own rate.

We strive to provide the environment and direction to enhance each child's growth. Children learn and play in a warm, respectful environment and have many different activities to choose from. Our program stimulates creativity, promotes socialization and fosters good self-esteem.

Daily art activities encourage self-expression and improve fine motor skills.

Daily cooking projects develop cognitive skills, teach mathematical concepts, promote reading and encourage healthy eating habits.

Daily science activities introduce children to science through 'hands-on' experience.

Music and creative movement are enjoyed through singing, dancing and playing of musical instruments while at play and during sessions with our visiting resource teachers.

Free play offers opportunities for individual exploration and group play.

Field trips show children fun and interesting places in their community. (Classes average one trip per month.)

Parents also learn and grow while at Discovery. You work and play in your child's classroom, share tips and stories with other parents and receive guidance from teachers. Parents develop a better understanding of their own child as well as other children. Your child will delight in your presence at his or her school, and you will be rewarded by having the opportunity to experience and contribute to your child's early education.